Best Audience Response Software

Audience response software allows presenters or event organizers to interact with event audiences via polls, text responses, or multiple choice questions displayed through their mobile devices. These tools are used to engage audiences and bring a level of interactivity to conference sessions or speaking engagements, allowing presenters to easily capture ideas or opinions of attendees. Audience response software is often used by event professionals alongside other event management software including mobile event apps, registration and ticketing tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Audience Response category, a product must:

  • Facilitate real-time audience voting and response
  • Be accessible via web browser, mobile browser, SMS, or mobile app
  • Display polling results visually
  • Provide reporting and analytics data on audience responses and interactions

List of existent audience software:


Glisser software

We have reviewed our relationship with Glisser software  half way through, and NAG Committee members were in agreement that we definitely should continue to use Glisser in future years. Here are some of the benefits that we have identified, both from NAG and members/delegates perspective:

• It is a cost-effective way of engaging audience during our events

• Delegates do not have to wait until the session ends to ask questions, they can post them during the presentation

• Delegates can vote which question should be asked first at the end of the session. This is also great for people who do not feel comfortable speaking up publicly.

• Speakers can take charge of the process of answering questions, a list of questions can be displayed on screen at end of presentation; we also offer a list of questions displayed on a mobile device so speakers can hold it in front of them

• Some sessions generate loads of questions and there might be no time to answer them, so NAG coordinates this process in the following way: a list of questions published via Glisser is sent to speakers, then we distribute answers to all delegates

• Following slides on own devices becomes important if slides have tables, diagrams etc. not easily visible from every point of the room

• Delegates are able to download presentations straight away

• Social media are linked with Glisser, so Twitter feed appears in the same place as the presentation


pull Everywhere



All the functionality you might expect from an Audience Response System is available for free, including some special VoxVote features. Are you looking for a business alternative for Kahoot? You just found us. Same functions, but slick design and less distraction.

  • Unlimited Audience
  • Vote over internet (WiFi, 3G/4G, https) browser based
  • Live graph results
  • Respondents can receive an email summary
  • Logo Branding
  • Allow audience to ask questions and centralized moderating. New
  • Create instant new questions
  • Vote anonymous, or ask your audience for nickname
  • Multiple choice, single answers, open answers/free text, ranked answers
  • Secure voting
  • Custom voting URL and corporate style
  • Unlimited projects/events
  • Keyboard letters to start and navigate questions
  • Vote with any smartphone
  • Clone/Copy your events New
  • Crossing / Combining questions in result view New
  • Export your data and questions New
  • VoxQuiz™ – points total per respondent for all correct answers. List of users in Excel

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